Lions on the Beach

by Peter Su

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released March 4, 2016

Produced by Peter Su
Executive Producer: David Chao

All songs written by Peter Su (ASCAP)
© 2015 Little Vibrations Music
℗ 2015 Little Vibrations Records

Arranged by Peter Su
Co-arranged with Patrick Taylor on tracks 2, 4, 7, and 8

Recorded at Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA
Engineered by David Schwerkolt
Mixed by David Schwerkolt and Peter Su
(All tracks co-mixed except track 3 and 6 mixed by Peter Su)
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering, Ventura, CA

Photography by Tyler Moon
Artwork Design by John Girgus and Peter Su


all rights reserved



Peter Su San Francisco, California

"Pet Sounds for the millennial generation"
– The Huffington Post

Peter Su is an NPR-nominated songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist originally from San Francisco, self-producing his own wave of chill indie pop.
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Track Name: Blue
The sun is shining
And I’m just smiling
I got my toes in the sand
With a pina colada in my hand

The sky is blue over me
There’s water as far as the eye can see

Blue, over you
Blue, what can I do

I’ve been doing a lot of thinkin’
And I’ve been doing a lot of drinkin’
I got my head in my hand
And I’m still trying to understand

Why I’m blue over you
Is there anything that I can do?


And here I am on this island
I’ve got it all to myself
And I’m just enjoying the silence
And I don’t need nobody else

So you’ll never know
You’ll never know
You’ll never know

That I’m blue over you
Is there anything that I can do

Track Name: Old Fashioned Love
I wanna take you home tonight
To meet my mother, cause you’re just her type
In the evening, she'll stand by the door to greet you
I'll tell her you're mine

But that's all a dream
And I'm such a fool
To be waiting, and waiting
For a girl like you

I need an old fashioned love
I need an old fashioned love
Yes I do
Someone to have
Someone to hold
Could it be you

I wanna walk down the aisle with you
Pick out some cereal, maybe some fruit
In the morning we'll wake up so slow and easy
Til’ the afternoon

Cause you're all I’d see
In this world for two
No more searching, and searching
For something new


But I give my best away
Why do I give my best away
I pray that one of these nights I'll find you
And you'll turn to me and say

I need an old
I need an old

Track Name: Before You Get Too Old
Before you get too old
Who have you loved?
Truly, completely?
With no condition?

Before you get too old
Begin to let go
The past that surrounds you
Holds your heart still

Before you get too old
Who have you loved?

Before you get too old
Go find that heart of gold
Before you get weary
Step into the light

Before you get too old
Who have you loved?
Track Name: Hit the Road
Will the rest of my life be in this office?
Watching the sailboats float outside?
Is this true success? How bitter
Years of ambition, all blind

And I whisper, what else is out there?
But it's a crazy dream and I wouldn’t dare to

Hop in my car and drive real fast
Toss in a map and step on the gas
Hit the road
Just go

Leave it behind to start brand new
Roll down the windows, let it through
Kiss the wind
Let go

I wanna write my first love song in Nashville
Catch the surf out in San Diego
Form that band, move up to Portland
Go on tour, drive out to Brooklyn

And I know, there's so much out there
But it’s a crazy dream, and I’m too scared to


And I don't know what I'm searching for
But when I find it I'll be sure
To chase the wind
And never let her go, so I’ll

Track Name: Dienna
Did you forget the summer after college
We had a thing or a whatchamacallit
There we were the start of our new lives
And I could see the future in your eyes

On top of the world, in New York City
I was so nervous, and you were so pretty
You jumped the gun and wanted so much more
I told you I'd never kissed a girl before

Little did I know
That I'd fall for your hoax
And you'd take my hands
And just let me go

Dienna, Dienna
What you've been up to?
Dienna, Dienna
I'm still thinking of you

I heard you got into HBS
You're leaning in in that black dress
Working the room, shaking hands
Looking for the perfect man

You've got a warm gun now ya shoot to kill
As for me I'm still tryna deal

Summers come and go
And I’m still alone
So I wrote you this song
To just let you know


And I heard you’ve got a boyfriend now
Can he finally fill all your doubts
Or will you just toss him away like me
Leave him alone to dream?


Track Name: Santa Barbara
On that road, we were so much younger
The horizon stretched out front
I told you I would change the world
Burn brightly as the sun

Talking big, about the future
All the great things I would do
I believed I was something special
And you believed it too

Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara

Surfing through the next four years
The real world came to view
I reached for all my grandest dreams
But somehow I lost you


Now I’m back at the beach
Where you taught me to dream
A thousand promises I couldn't keep
But as the sun drifts into the sea
I hear you calling out for me

Track Name: Into the Sea
Like a prodigal son with no father
I’m sailing a ship with no rudder
Chasing down the wind
Traveling to the ends of belief

I'll follow you into the sea
Calm the waves on which we meet
I'll follow you, I'll follow you
Into the sea

Who's heard the prayers of my mother?
Heavy, released like an anchor
Her begotten son
Can she save him from the burning sun?


I'm drowning, I'm drowning
In my own world
I'm sinking, I'm sinking
In my footsteps

Is this the beginning
Of understanding?
If I could see you
From where I'm standing



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